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Sherwan Ahmed Hamawandi
Assist Professor

Surgery, Orthopedics

MBChB, Babylon university / college of medicine, 1999
FICMS, Iraqi board of medical specialization/ orthopedic surgery, 2006

6th year , 5th year , 2nd year , 1st year

Research Interests:
Trauma,Orthopedic and spine surgery

Contact Information:

 1. Sherwan Hamawandi, "Carpal tunnel syndrome: comparative study between traditional incision and mini palmar incision", Medical journal of Babylon, 2016.
 2. Sherwan Hamawandi, "Idiopathic Talipes Equinovarus: Effect of age and severity on type of management", Medical journal of Babylon, 2015.
 3. Sherwan Hamawandi, "Flexible intramedullary nails versus plaster cast for treating femoral shaft fractures in children : comparative study", medical journal of Babylon, 2014.
 4. Sherwan Hamawandi, "Minimal invasive surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome using 1.5 cm plamer skin incision", medical journal of Babylon, 2014.
 5. Sherwan Hamawandi, "Surgey versus prolonged conservative treatment for sciatica associated with lumbar disc herniation", Zanco Journal of medical sciences, .
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