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Said Mustafa Aljaaf
Assist Professor

Surgery, ENT

MBChB, Baghdad University /Medical College , 1983
FICMS, Baghdad, 1992
High Diploma, Baghdad University /Medical College , 1993

Hawlwe Medical College/ Teaching Staff, FICMS Teaching Staff and supervisor, KBMS Teaching staff and Supervisor, High Dilpoma And MsC of HMU Teaching staff and Suervisor

Research Interests:
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Contact Information:

 1. SAID M. SAID et.al, " The effect of adenoid size on tympanometric finding in children ", Zanco journal of medical Sciences , 2016.
 2. SAID M. SAID et. al, " Prophylactic Vs postoperative antibiotics in Septoplasty", Zanco journal of medical Sciences , 2016.
 3. SAID M. SAID et.al, " Effect of trans-septal suture technique Vs Nasal packing after Septoplasty", international journal oftechnical researches and applicationse e-ISSN:2320-8163, 2015.
 4. SAID M. SAID, "Reflux Laryngitis in Kurdistan [Iraq], manifestations and laryngoscopic finding and response to treatment.", Accepted as a poster in the annual meeting of AAO&HNS October 2009.No 253, published in AL-kindy Medical Journal , 2010.
 5. SAID M.SAID et.al, ". Myringoplasty Risk factors and the effect of post operative follow up on success rate in Erbil / Kurdistan of Iraq.", Zanco journal of medical Sciences , 2010.
 6. SAID M.SAID et.al, " Minimal invasive nasal valve repair comparison with other surgical methods in treatment of nasal valve obstruction/", the journal of AAO&HNS ,, 2009.
 7. SAID M. SAID et.al, "The Effect of Dexamethasone on Post-Tonsillectomy Morbid Sequel [Pain, Early feeding and Emesis", Zanco journal of medical Sciences , 2008.
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