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moyaser Abdul-Rahman Abdeki
Assist Professor

Surgery, ENT

MBChB, University of Mosul College of Medicine, 1992
FICMS, College of Mosul, 1998

unddergraduate 5th stage students, Postgraduate high degree diploma of Otolaryngology, Co examiner & trainer of ENT Board students, Supervisor on ENT -Board students of Otolaryngology, Trainer & supervisor on ENT Board degree Students of Kurdestan -Board Certificate

Research Interests:
Outcome of gventilation tube insertion in otitis media with effusion
Hearing loss in diabetic patient
Relation of tympanic membrane perforation ,site & size on hearing level
Google scholar

Contact Information:

 1. Moyaser A. Yaseen, Hasan Hamza, "The role of amoxicillin in preventing post tonsillectomy complications", Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences, 2013.
 2. Moyaser A. Yaseen, Shelan naseh, "Management of otits externa using wick versus ear drops", Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences, 2012.
 3. Moyaser A. Yaseen, "long term outcome of modified radical mastoidectomy", Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences, 2008.
 4. Moyaser A. Yaseen, "Noise induced hearing loss", Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences, 2004.
 5. Moyaser Yaseen ,Isam Mansoor, "Bacteriology of acute otitis media", Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences, 2004.
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