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Ahmed Ismail Abdulgani

Surgery, Ophthalmology

MBChB, Salahaddin University, College of Medicine, 1999
Institute, TOMER language learning center for Turkish language - Ankara/Turkey, 2002
PhD, Gazi University Ophthalmology department - Ankara/Turkey, 2007

5th year college of medicine ophthalmological, 1st year college of medicine Basic Emergency Care, High diploma ophthalmology

Research Interests:
Clinical and Surgical Ophthalomology 
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Contact Information:

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 3. Ari Hassib Muhammad, Ahmed Kareem Joma, Ahmed Ismail Abdulgani, "The relation between central corneal thickness and axial length in a sample of Erbil population", zanco Journal of Medical Science , 2015.
 4. Sami Jalal Abdulsamad, Eman H Alwan, Ahmad Kareem, Ahmed Ismail, "Variation in macular thickness in healthy eyes with or without myopia using optical coherent tomography", zanco Journal of Medical Science , 2014.
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 7. ahmed Abdulgani, "Fibrinous reaction after vitreoretinal surgery: Risk Factors and clinical presentation (original article)", Journal of Retina-Vitreous, 2007.
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