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Sameeah Abdulrahman Barzinji
Assist Professor

Surgery, Radiology

MBChB, Salahaddin University , 2000
High Diploma, Baghdad University, 2007
FICMS, Iraqi Board for Medical Specialization , 2008

Undergraduate 4th stage , High Diploma of Radiology , Arab Board of Medical Specialization , Kurdish Board of Medical Specialization teaching and supervising , Undergraduate 2nd stage , Undergraduate 6th stage / College of Medicine /HMU

Research Interests:
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Contact Information:

 1. Sameeah A. Rashid, "Prevalence of Posterior Vitreous Detachment detected by Ultrasound in Erbil Governorate ", Zanko Medical Journal, 2014.
 2. Sameeah A. Rashid , "Radiation Protection evaluation from radio diagnostic departments in Erbil Hospitals ", Zanko Medical Journal , 2014.
 3. Sameeah A. Rashid , "Accessory Spleen: Prevalence and Multidetector CT Appearance", Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences , 2014.
 4. Sameeah A. Rashid , "Pulmonary Alveolar Microlithiasis: A case Report ", Zanko Journal of Medical Sciences , .
 5. Sameeah A. Rashid , "Correlation between carotid artery intimal-media thickness and luminal diameter to body mass index and the classical cardiovascular risk factors as measured by ultrasound ", Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal , .
 6. Sameeah A. Rashid, "", , .
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