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Dlair A.k. Chalabi
Assist Professor


MBChB, AL-Musatnsriya Univ. /Baghdad /Iraq, 1991
FICMS, Baghdad /Iraq, 2004
CABM, Damascus /Syria, 2004

respiratory system exam, theory: acute and chronic diarrhea, theory: hepatitis

Research Interests:
pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology
pediatric respiratory disease
pediatric neurology
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Contact Information:

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 4. Dlair A. Chalabi, "Prevalence of Heart Diseases Among Suspected Children in Erbil City-Iraq", JABHS, 2014.
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 6. Dlair A. Chalabi, "clinical evaluation of wheezy chest in childrenbelow 2 year of age in Hawler Governorate", ZJMS, 2012.
 7. Dlair A. Chalabi, "clinical predictors of hypoxemia in children with lower respiratory tract infection", zjms, 2011.
 8. Dlair A. Chalabi, "Socio-demographic characteristics of children with Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARI) in Rapareen Teaching Hospital", MEJFM, 2011.
 9. Dlair A. Chalabi, "Risk factors of febrile seizure in children in Hawler Governorate", zjms, 2010.
 10. Dlair A. Chalabi, "sweat chloride test evaluation for suspected cases of cystic fibrosis in Iraqi childen ", zjms, 2008.
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