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Jawher Tahir

Pathology, Forensic Medicine

MBChB, Salahaddin university- college of medicine- hawler, 1990
FICMS, Iraqi council for medical specialization- baghdad, 2010

liver,billiary tract,and pancreas diseases, glomerular diseases, nephrotic syndrome, renal tumors, and urinary bladder diseases

Research Interests:
1. Skin pathoogy.
2. Lung pathology
3. Gastrointestinal tract pathology
Google Scholar

Contact Information:

 1. 1. Dr. Tenya Tariq 2. Dr. Jawher Tahir Omer 3. Dr. Salah Abu Bakir, "Cell blocks histopathology versus FNA cytology in diagnosis of Primary malignant lung mass, a comparative study.", Zanco journal of medical sciences, April 2017.
 2. 1. Dr. Salah A. Ali 2. Dr. Yusra Abdulkhalq 3. Dr. Jawher Tahir Omer, "P53 over expression in skin lesions, an immunohistochemical Study.", Zanco journal of medical sciences, 2015.
 3. 1. Dr. Jawher Tahir Omer 2. Dr. Tenya T. Abdulhameed, "The Relationship between Lymph Node Metastasis and some Clinicopathologic Variables in Mucinous and Non mucinous Colorectal Adenocarcinoma.", Zanco journal of medical sciences, 10 /10 /2016..
 4. , "", , .
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