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Yusra Abdulkhaliq

Pathology, Forensic Medicine

Diploma, Baghdad, 1992
FICMS, Baghdad, 1999

Breast pathology , female genital tract pathology, general pathology neoplasia molecular basis of cancer,differentiation bet benign & malig., Upper &lower reps.pathology ,lung tumor, Renal pathology,male genital tract pathology

Research Interests:
https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=C1Hf62AAAAAJ&hl=enCytopathology -pap.smear.,bronchial wash & brush cytology,sputum cytology ,aspiration cytology
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Contact Information:

 1. Yusra Abdulkhaliq Qasim,Shatha Zaker Saeed,ilham Majeed Rashid, "immunohistochemical study of P53 and Ki 67 Expression in Surface Epithelial Tumor of the Ovary", Saudi Journal of Pathology and Microbiology, 2017.
 2. Salam Adil Wafi ,Dhuha Qays Kamil ,Yusra Abdulkhaliq,Jawhar Taher Omar, "Protective effect of Fenugreek seed powder extract on liver tissue of Andriol testocaps treated male mice", PolyTechnic, 2015.
 3. Salah A.Ali ,Yusra Abdulkhaliq,Jawhar Taher Omar, "P53 overexpression in skin lesions An Immunohistochemical study", Zanco Journal of Medical Science, 2015.
 4. Yusra Abdulkhaliq Qasim, Katan Sabir Ali, "Cytological versus serological diagnosis of Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 infection among women with cervicitis without external genital ulcer or blistering lesion in Hawler Maternity Teaching Hospital ", Zanco Journal of Medical Science, 2014.
 5. , " Detection of Chlamydia Trachomatis among women in Erbil city by both cytological & serological test", Pewsented in 3rd Hawler International Conference, 2012.
 6. , "The effect of pretreatment & time of storage on the determination of selenium by AAS in tissue of patients with breast tumors .", NJC)National journal of chemistry, 2005.
 7. , "", , .
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