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Amin Aziz

Microbiology, Bacteriology

BSc, Tabriz University - IR Iran, 2001
MSc, College of Medicine - HMU, 2006
PhD, Leicester University - UK, 2016

Virology, Lab Bacteriology and Immunology, Computer in Medicine

Research Interests:
The main area of interest is molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases as well as investigating the link between genomics and related human diseases.
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Contact Information:

 1. Edward A Nardell, Caroline M Williams, Andrew J Bell, Lesibana Malinga, Mohammadali Y Ramsheh, Amin Bakir, Natalie J Garton, Anton Stoltz, Elsabe DeKock, Simon Waddell, Jay Hinton, Kevin Fennelly, Michael Barer, "TB Airborne Transmission: First Gene Expression Signatures Of Captured, Uncultured M. Tuberculosis From Human Source Aerosol", Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 2016 / May.
 2. RK Ahmed SK Husain, ZK Al-Barzenjy, AA Bakir, "Detection of Anti-CMV IgM and Anti-Toxoplasma IgG in Pregnant Women with History of Abortion", Zanco J. Med. Sci, 2011.
 3. SK Hussein AA Bakir, "Prevalence of Anti-Hepatitis C-Virus Antibodies in Erbil Community", Zanco J. Med. Sci, 2006.
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