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Ahmed Khudair Elmeshhedany
Assist Professor

Medicine, Internal Medicine

High Diploma, Kufa medical college, 0000
MBChB, Baghdad medical college, 1989
CABM, Arab Board, 1999
FICMS, Iraqi Board subspeciality, 2005

Anemias, Lymphoms, Myeloma, Transfusion medicine, Bone marrow transplant, Bleeding disordes, Bone marrow failure, Leukemias

Research Interests:
Google Scholar
benign and malignant hemaltology
hematologic effects of systemic diseases

Contact Information:

 1. Ahmed k yassin , najmaddin salih , bilal , "spontaneous life threatening massive retroperitoneal and ileopsoas hemorrhage in adult Hemophilia A patients with inhibiter- case series.", Journal of blood transfusion and thrombosis, 2015.
 2. Ahmed k yassin, " survival advantage of adding thalidamide as compared with chemotherapy only in the treatment of symptomatic myeloma in kurdistan iraq", Iraqi journal of hematology, 2014.
 3. Ahmed k yassin , "Clinical and laboratory profile of 109 patients with MM in erbil city", Journal of faculty of medicine, 2013.
 4. Ahmed k yassin , ahmed alsaffar, "Clinical Presentation and Follow-up of Eighteen Patients with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura", Zanko medical journal, 2010.
 5. Ahmed k yassin , mahmoud k ydawood alobaidyassin , , "Skeletal manifestations and role of DEXA study in 32 patients with multiple myeloma", Postgraduate medical journal journal of medicine, 2008.
 6. Ahmed k yassin , ali m jawad, "Antiphospholipid syndrome , review of 24 iraqi patients", Journal of faculty of medicine, 2007.
 7. Ahmed k yassin , srwa ahmed aziz , rawand shamoon , "Hemophilia in iraqi kurdistan ; a clinicopathological study", New iraqi journal of medicine, .
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