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Hussein Yousif sinjari
Assist Professor

Medicine, Internal Medicine



Research Interests:
Cardiovascular diseases in Renal failure patients Bone and Mineral disorders in CRF patients

Contact Information:

 1. , "Evaluation of dialysis adequacy using Kt/V & other related indices", Accepted for publishment in ZANCO J for Med. Science, 2008.
 2. , "Hyperlipidemia in renal transplant recipients", J of Basic Med. Scien., 2005.
 3. , "Effect of Ramadan Fasting on certain Biochemical parameters in patient with Renal transplant", Annals of the college of Medicine Mosul, 2003.
 4. , "Incidence & causes of pleural effusion with CRF on maintenance hemodialysis", Annals of the college of Medicine Mosul, 2002.
 5. , "", Annals of the college of Medicine Mosul, 2000.
 6. , "Hyperphosphatemia& elevated calcium –phosphorus in hemodialysis patients in Mosul", Waiting for publishment, .
 7. , "Hematological abnormalities in kidney transplant patients", Waiting for publishment, .
 8. , "Myocardial dysfunction in renal failure patients", Waiting for publishment, .
 9. , "Association of Hyperparathyroidism and cardiac valves calcification in hemodialysis patients", Waiting for publishment, .
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