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Suhel Mawlood Najjar
Assist Professor

Anatomy and Histology, Anatomy

PhD, Hawler Meical University, 2007
MSc, Salahadden University, 2017
MSc, , 2017


Research Interests:
Anatomy and Suregry (Laparoscopy- Breast-Male genital organ surgries)
Anatomy (abdomen, liver, neck and breast)
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Contact Information:

 1. Dhaher, Suhel,Tara and Zhyan, "Biophysical parametere for SFA follow up in infertile male patients", MEMJ, 2015.
 2. Salah Ali, Suhel Mawlood Alnajjar, "The role of FNA cytology of the testis in management of male infertility (in Iraq) ", ZMJ, 2012.
 3. Talib Jawad and Muhamad Hasan Eshaqer and Suhel Mawlood Esmael, "Rt pelvicalyceal sytem dilation found by ultrasound as a sign of acute appendicitis", ZMJ/ special edition, 2010.
 4. Suhel M Alnajjar, "Evaluation of importance of pyramidal lobe of thyroid gland anatomically in the surgical fields in Erbil Zanco 14 (2), ", ZMJ, 2010.
 5. Suhel Mawlood Esmael and Ali aldabagh, "Analysis of Dyspepsia by OGD examination", ZMJ, 1998.
 6. Fareed Hinna and suhel Mawlood esmael, "Normal parameters of bilisry apparatus in Erbil citiy Citizines", ZMJ, 1997.
 7. Maad Mahmoud Salman and Suhel Mawlood Esmael, "Comparison between opened and closed wound post operative dressings", BMJ, 1995.
 8. Suhel mawlood Esmael, "Causes of urethral strictur in Erbil city", KMS conferance, 1994.
 9. Suhel M.Esmael and Salah Ali , "Fine needle Aspiration Versus open biopsy for testicular sperm recovery in infertile azoospermic patients ", Middle east journal of internal medicine , 2012.
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