College of Medicine

      at HMU


Vice Dean Office


The Office of the Vise Dean is directly responsible for the admin, finance and personnel units. In addition it supervises many other support units within the College like the maintenance and technical groups.  The Vise Dean Office works together in collaboration with the Dean Office to run and solve out almost all management issues of the College.

The main duties of the Vise Dean in person are:

  • Supervise the Finance, Administration and Personnel Units.
  • Assists the Dean of the College in the various administrative and financial issues of the College.
  • Act as the "Coordinator" of the College Council's regular meetings and keeps notes of the minutes.
  • Act as the "Administrative Member of the College's Examination Committee.
  • Responsible for the health and safety within the College premises.
  • Heads the Students' Discipline Committee.


Office Staff

1. Dr. Hawre Mustafa Bakr (Vice Dean)

   Tel: 00964 (0)66 222 7275, Ext. 106

2. Ms. Shireen Khedher Maulood (Secretary)

    Tel: 00964 (0)66 222 7275, Ext. 107