College of Medicine

      at HMU


Overview and Mission

    Registration office is one of the administrative units in the college usually supervised by a member of the teaching staff. The Registration office aims to render a qualitative management and quantitative output. Its goal is to draw a clear line of systematic functions giving emphasis to matters concerning enrollment registration of all students who are admitted centrally by central admission office in the Kurdistan Region, students grouping, management of weekly teaching schedules, verification and processing of students attendance. Furthermore, registration office maintains the student s academic records and issues transcripts for graduates. This office also facilitates the relocation and transferring of the students in coordination with the presidency of the university in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

Order a Transcript

    Requests for official transcripts must be directed to the office of the registrar. A graduate academic record can be released only at the request of the graduate through an official transcript request form which filled in by the graduate and submitted personally to the office of the registrar. the fee of each copy of transcript is 10,000 ID. While, The graduation certificates without academic records detail is provided free of charge. The transcript can be issued in both English and Arabic languages, while the graduation certificate can be issued in three languages, English, Arabic and Kurdish.

Students Relocation and Transferring Laws

Registration office staff

1- Nashwan Karkhi  (Registrar)

     Tel: 00964 (0)66 222 7275, Ext. 134

2- Sazgar Ismael Mahmood



     Tel: 00964 (0)66 222 7275, Ext. 135

3- Sawsan Nadir Perdawd

4- Vian Shamsalden Abdul-Rahman

5- Khonaw Ihsan Hamarash

6- Sabeha Aziz Abdulla

7- Shirin Qader