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Library Books

Library Department including the follow sections:


Classification and borrowing section


List of all Books  (Old – New)

List of Theses & Dissertations

List of borrow Books


Instructions of borrowing books


1-    Teachers (faculty) can borrow books for (1) month & their period may be extended for (10) days.

2-    Students can borrow books for (2) weeks & their period may be extended to one week.

3-    Borrowing section in the library are making (borrowing notes) for each borrower that state the detail an information on the borrowed books with data of borrowing.


Contact person:

Ismail Ali Mawlwd

Tel: +96407504471346


Curriculum textbooks section


Borrowing textbooks to Students & faculty according to their specialty.


List of textbooks

Form of textbooks:

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year


Section of magazines and (CDs/DVDs)


List of magazines

List of (CDs/DVDs)


Total numbers of (CDs/DVDs) in the library are 4788 disc of CD and DVD

Total number of magazines in the library is 2000 magazines in Kurdish, Arabic and English language.


Photo gallery 


Library staff                                                     







Dr.Dhahir Tahir Ahmad

Assistance prof.

Head of Library



Ismail Ali Mawlwd

Senior Manager

Borrowing Dep.



Shelan Rahman Muhammed


Classification Dep.



Hiwa Abdulkadir Osman


Journal & CDs Dep



Hardi Abdulkhaliq Muhammed


Text book Dep.



Rashid Gerhees Rashid

Assistant Technique




Hoshang Samad Rahman


Text book Dep.



Qasim Abbass Ali

Senior Observer