College of Medicine

      at HMU


Dean Office


The Deanery Office serves the College as the administrative unit which relates directly to the Dean. The Office main responsibilities are the following:

  • The Office serves as the communication link of the Dean with all scientific departments, committees, and administrative units within the College.
  • Managing Dean's official and non official correspondence, and maintain the registry of all incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Drafting and registering confidential correspondence letter from the Dean.
  • Organizing for the weekly meetings of the College Council.
  • Reporting minutes of the College Council meetings to the University.
  • In addition the Office facilitates for many other committees within the College like "Committees of Academic Title" and "Committees of Foreign Medical Certificate Equalization".

Office Staff

Name  post  Email   Tel
 1- Hero Izzaddin Kareem Head of Unit 00964(0)662227275Ext.108
 2- Shelan Rahman Muhamad
 3- Amina Muhamed Ahmed      
 4- May Elham Rajab Registry     
 5- Raghad Habib Hannah Secretory