College of Medicine

      at HMU


Academic Relations Unit


This is one of the administrative units of the college of medicine. The Unit is directly reporting to the Dean and is performing a range of duties and activities like:

  •  Dealing with all the mail and email correspondence from other universities, inside and outside the country.
  •   Receiving all sorts of requests from abroad universities and institutions on the verification of medical graduation certificates required by these institutions, getting the required forms signed and stamped and proceed them accordingly with keeping a record on that.
  •  Preparing all kinds of support letters requested by the teaching staff, students and other administrative staff in both English and Arabic languages and getting them processed and signed by the Dean.
  •  Receiving and distributing on the relevant scientific departments any kind of invitation to participation in scientific conferences, workshops and meetings, both inside and outside the country. This is besides distributing relevant posters and any other required information.
  • Collect from the ministry and university and announce all kinds of information and guidelines on the proposed or approved scholarships, their requirements, application deadlines and any other related issues.

Office Staff

1. Dr. Sherzad Abdulahad Shabu (Head of the Unit)

     Tel: 00964 (0)66 222 7275, Ext. 123

2. Miss Sheren Hamid Mahmood

     Tel: 00964 (0)66 222 7275, Ext. 123

Conferences and Training Workshops