College of Medicine

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Department of psychiatry is the newest academic department within the college of medicine.The department established at 2004. Before that date, psychiatry was run out within the department of medicine as a unit.

Currently, there are 8 teaching faculties who serve in this department, all with equivalent PhD degrees.

The department has a well-established undergraduate program, which introduces Behavioral Sciences and Clinical Psychiatry within the last three years' college study. Furthermore, the department offers annual High Diploma opportunities. Outside the college of medicine, the department supervises psychiatry M.Sc. and Ph.D programs of Nursing College, as well as hosting the Arab and Iraqi Board for Medical Specialisations-Psychiatry, and looking forward to hosts Kurdistan Board for Medical Specialisations-Psychiatry in the near future as well.



The missions of the department are to graduate qualified psychiatrists, through its DIPLOMA program, as well as flourishing mental health services in the region through its undergraduste curricula which provide basic Behavioral Sciences and Clinical Psychiatry for the MBChB qualified resident doctors. This is beside the department's CME courses and programs within the health services in the region.



Postgraduate Program's Objective:

The aim of the department is to graduate well trained psychiatrists, capable in proper patients' management, as well as efficient mental health services planners.


Undergraduate Program's Objectives:

Fourth year curriculum:

1- Introducing the science of human psychology and behavioral sciences through 30 hours of theoretical lectures at the fourth year of the medical school.

2- Preparing candidates for the psychopathologies and clinical psychiatry which they will learned and practiced in their next 5th year of their medical study.

Fifth year curriculum 

1- Introducing the science of clinical psychiatry, as a mandatory curriculum for graduation.

2- To teach the candidates how to deal, respect, and manage the psychiatric patients.

3- To teach the candidates how to take in account the psychological aspects of any medical condition in their future career in different clinical specialties.

4- How to recieve psychiatric patients in the emergency rooms.

Sixth year curriculum:

In the sixth year, through a couple of weeks of full time clinical training, including on-call duties, we aimed to:

1- Prepare the candidates, how to practice clinical psychiatry in their future clinical psychiatric residency.

2- How to take the clinical responsibilities through their daily clinical rounds, dealing with patients, and their on-call duties.

3- Review of what they already learned last year.



Department's Staff

 #  Full Name     Speciality  Academic Title
 1 Sirwan kamil Ali  Psychiatry Assistant Professor
 2 Twana Abdulrahman Rahim Psychiatry  Assistant Professor


Diyar Hussain Tahir Psychiatry Assistant Professor
 4 Banaz Adnan Saeed Psychiatry Lecturer
 5 Fatih Faiz Abdulqadir Psychiatry Lecturer
 6 Nasraw Mustafa Mahmoud Psychiatry Lecturer
 7 Asmaa Ghanim Kharufa Psychiatry Lecturer
 8 Rosh Rauf Aziz  Psychiatry Lecturer
 9 Sazgar Omer Zedan Secretary