College of Medicine

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Pediatrics and Child Health


The department established in 1998 and before that, it used to be part of the Department of Internal Medicine and Community Health.

Currently, there are 12 teaching faculty who work in this department,1 professor, 1 assistant professor, 10 lecturers. 


The mission of the Department is to introduce knowledge through teaching and training programs to provide the best health care for sick children.



1.    Recognize the key importance of child health in the context of the health priority of the country.

2.    Recognize the importance of growth and development as the foundation of Pediatrics; and help each child realize her/his optimal potential in this regard.

3.    Take detailed history, perform full physical examination including neurodevelopment and behavioral assessment and anthropometric measurements of the child and make clinical diagnosis.

4.    Perform relevant investigative and therapeutic procedures for the pediatric patient.

5.    Interpret important imaging and laboratory results.

6.    Diagnose illness in children based on the analysis of history, physical examination and investigative work up.

7.    Plan and advice measures for the prevention of childhood disease and disability.

8.    Manage childhood emergencies efficiently.

9.    Provide comprehensive care to normal, ‘at risk’ and sick neonates. 

Department Staff

Teaching Staff
 Academic Title
 1. Abbas Abdulqadir Rabati  Neonatologist  Professor
 2. Mrouj Al Any  Hematology -Oncology
 Assistant professor
 3. Dler abdulkhaliq Chalabi  Pediatrician  Assistant professor
 4. Dhahir Tahir Gardi  Pediatrician  Lecturer
 5. Siamand Yahia  Pediatrician  Lecturer
 6. Nazdar Ezzaddin
 7. Muyasser Abdulkarim
 8. Kawes Omer Zangana




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